Novi Cosmetic Dentist | Dr. Joseph Serra

The technology used today by dentists all over, including Dr. Serra, are meant to make procedures more precise, less time-consuming, safer, and more comfortable. Below are some of the technologies that Dr. Serra routinely uses at his Novi dental office.

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)
A TENS unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation by Myotronics) is an indispensable part of TMJ treatment. The ultra-low frequency electrical pulses emitted by the TENS cause the muscles to contract and release. With relaxed muscles, we can help to relieve pain and stiffness. Dr. Serra will also be able to see where your jaw needs to be positioned and you’ll have some relief from TMJ symptoms.

K7 Evaluation System
Dr. Serra uses a K7 system for electromyography, joint sonography and jaw tracking. Using this piece of high-tech equipment, he will be able to see where and how your jaw moves when you open and close your mouth. The K7 will provide readings of the exertion the muscles must use when opening and closing your mouth, as well as when it is at rest. This data will help to properly locate where your bite should be.

Digital Cameras
Digital cameras allow our dentist to take before and after pictures to record the transformation that cosmetic dentistry brings.

Intraoral Cameras
Using an intraoral camera, Dr. Serra is able to get clear, up-close images of your teeth and mouth. These cameras can reach parts of the mouth and teeth that we can’t see easily with the human eye. The camera is often used for diagnostic reasons as well as a way to show patients the importance of proper dental care.

Digital X-rays
Our advanced digital x-rays magnify and enhance your teeth for better diagnosis of dental diseases or problems. This digital x-ray allows us to take an image of your teeth and put it into an imaging program.

With this program, we are able to use a number of tools that will allow us to take a closer look at your teeth and surrounding structures with remarkable accuracy. Our dentist can examine small areas of decay between teeth and under existing fillings. Also, our digital x-ray can help detect bone loss due to periodontal disease, dental infections and abscesses.

If you have any questions about the technology Dr. Serra uses at his practice, contact us today.