Dental Crowns

Novi Cosmetic Dentist | Dr. Joseph Serra

Before you can have beautiful teeth, your teeth have to be healthy. If you have an infected or damaged tooth, you may want to consider a dental crown to protect your tooth from further damage. Porcelain dental crowns look natural and are extremely durable, so you can be rest assured that your tooth is protected.

How Does a Dental Crown Work?
Dental crowns, sometimes known as caps, are used to restore and cover the tooth structure to protect it from any further damage or trauma. Teeth crowns are used to not only enhance the appearance of your teeth, but to also strengthen them and make them less susceptible to dental problems. When a tooth becomes damaged or decayed to the point that a simple filling will not provide enough protection, a dentist will choose to use a crown instead so that your tooth is protected properly.

Placing a Dental Crown
Placing a dental crown is a two-part process. The first appointment you have will involve preparation of the tooth. This means removing any decay and fillings within the tooth. During this procedure, we use ample local anesthetic to numb the tooth to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Once the tooth is prepared, Dr. Serra will take an impression of the tooth, which is then sent to a lab to create your porcelain dental crown. While your real crown is crafted, you will be supplied with a temporary crown to wear for extra protection. It’s important to be extra cautious to ensure that the temporary crown does not come off. This means avoiding certain foods and carefully flossing.

When your dental crown is ready to be placed, the temporary crown will be removed after the tooth is numbed again. The permanent dental crown will be placed after confirming that it is the proper size and shape to ensure you have a comfortable bite. Dr. Serra will then bond the crown to your tooth to ensure stability and strength.

Get Your Dental Crown
If you live in Novi or surrounding areas, contact Dr. Serra to place your dental crowns. The dental crowns that we use are extremely durable and look entirely natural.

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